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Appeal court ruling heaps doubt on viability of assisted death bill

The Senate’s Liberal éminence grise on the Constitution says the federal government’s claim that Bill C-14 is Charter compliant has been discredited by the Alberta Court of Appeal’s ruling that medical assistance in dying may not be denied to competent people suffering intolerably and irremediably from non-terminal ailments, including psychiatric conditions.

Complaining that their workload has reached “a crisis level,” federal prosecutors are seeking an interim injunction against having to work additional nights and weekends in Alberta’s bail courts.

Fantasy sports, in which participants assume the role of a general manager of a fictional sport team, have existed for decades. However, with the development of the Internet, fantasy sports websites have proliferated and become a multi-billion dollar business in which millions of sports fans participate.

We have reached a tipping point of sorts in Canadian legal history. Many of the most prominent positions in the criminal justice system are held by women: the chief justices of the Supreme Court of Canada, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Court of Justice, the attorneys general of Canada and Ontario and the treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

In today’s business world, the competition for talent can be as fierce as the competition for customers, and as employees increasingly value work-life balance as much as career success, it takes more than money and the prospect of promotions to attract and retain good people.